Isolating EarbudsEvery day before she sits down at her desk to work, a young woman puts her isolating earbuds in and turns on some relaxing, refreshing, ambient music so that she can focus on the task at hand. Her choices are typically meant to help her feel focused and centered, more at peace with herself as she works a job that is tedious and routine. All around her, there are others, workers doing the same type of task and creating noises that used to be distracting, annoying, even maddening to her.

Fit and Comfort Really Matter

When you buy certain items, such as an Mp3 player, you get a pair of earbuds. They work okay for the price, but they are not always perfect. In some cases, they might be too big so they feel bulky in the ear and they can slip around, distorting the sound that you are trying to hear. In addition to letting some of your precious sounds leak out, however, they are also allowing other sounds to bleed through, so your Mozart concert is suddenly accompanied by the sound of the three shrill poodles next door, the very sound that you were hoping Herr Mozart could drown out for you. That is the benefit of these: the ability to let you listen to anything, from pod casts of your news programs to music new and old, all without the poodle trio’s latest hit.

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In addition to finding good fit, though, you need to have reliable comfort. For most people, it is at least a song or two that you are planning to listen to, but if you are using the music to drown out sounds while you work, exercise or just relax on the couch, your plan is probably to wear them for longer than a few minutes. If they are not comfortable, then any relaxation that you might have gotten from the music will be lost, thanks in part to the pain you are feeling.

Matching the Product to the Claims

Of course, anyone who is marketing these is going to say the same thing – “these are the best”. They will use words such as noise cancelling or total music experience – and they will hype their product because that is their job. And, you cannot always trust the guys at the electronics store because they are often told to push one type over another- whether they themselves believe in the product or not. Catch one of those guys off duty and you might get a more refreshingly honest opinion.

Read reviews and ask friends and family members how they feel about the isolating earbuds they have used, and then you will find the right ones for your relaxation needs.

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